Morgan Hill Back Bacon Authentic British Rashers.  These Rashers are made from pork backs imported from Denmark then sliced and packaged in the U.S.  These Rashers are just like the Rashers you enjoyed growing up!

We supply large and small grocery stores, restaurants, pubs and cruise liners with this fine product.  Whether you ‘re in the British, Scottish or Irish communities in the U.S.A., your taste buds will feel right at home with our savory authentic bacon rasher dishes.

Breakfast in the British Isles

Breakfast in England

Breakfast in Scotland

Breakfast in Ireland

No matter your preferred country, breakfast in the British Isles is not complete without authentic, imported back bacon rashers.  You can count on Morgan Hill Back Rashers to complete your special breakfast event!

Breakfast is not the only meal great tasting Bacon Rashers are used.


Whether you call it a Bacon Butty…or a Bacon Sarnie…or a Bacon Bap or simply Rasher Sandwich, you can count on a perfect result with authentic imported Morgan Hill Back Bacon Rashers!

Oh, yes and please remember…

…be sure to use plenty of HP Brown Sauce!

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